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Cooling off under a tropical waterfall

After breakfast I feel the desire to devour all of Grenada’s beauty at once.

It has to be a stroll in the rainforest where the abundance of the tropics melts in a sphere of mystical sounds, luscious colors, delicate scents and where flowers ascend to heaven.

A short taxi ride leads us through the bustling capital St. George's and onward to the lower waterfall of Concord. After a delicious snack, we endeavor the upper waterfall and begin our hike through the jungle.

Soon the sky closes above our heads and we get wrapped into the dark mellow green filled with the distinctive steamy air of the rainforest. The river cascading towards the sea resonates with the tree crowns moved by the wind.

What a symphony.

Passing nutmeg plantations, we scent the concoction of fragrances from citrus, vanilla and cinnamon.

The roaring of the waterfall gets louder and the jungle opens up. A fine mist descends like a curtain in front of the waterfall. Shy streaks of sunshine amalgamate with the pounding waters to a rainbow.

We are at our destination - or is it destiny? Like young kids, Dominic and I splash in the cool water of the natural pool - celebrating our invigorated youth. Holding each other, we watch this eternal display of nature.


Time flies by quickly in paradise and we start our descent. Our eyes have been opened to experience new sights and we discover how our path is flanked by tropical flowers, like Heliconia, Alpinia and even a rare "Rose of Porcelain".

Arriving at the base, Matthew our driver greets us with his gracious smile. Does he recognize our transition? His mild and quiet attitude is a treasure as we are still embraced by our memories of this walk. We hardly notice the trip back to our "Secret Harbour".


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4 PM: Discovering our own secluded beach

About the Secret Harbour Resort


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