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A Day in Paradise


Dawn: Waking-up in the "Pool with a View" 9 AM: "My breakfast" Noon: Cooling off under a tropical waterfall

4 PM: Discovering our own secluded beach

8 PM: Candlelight dinner - enjoying light delicacies

10 PM: Good Night….

It’s October again. Looking out of the hotel room in downtown Manhattan, I realize it's the same weather we had a few hours ago when we took off in London Heathrow. Fog, drizzle and gray skies.

My name is Amber and I am a flight attendant flying regularly on Concorde between London and New York. Flying at supersonic speed has its perks, as we arrive in New York at the same time as we left London. This allows plenty of time to explore "Big Apple".

However, today’s weather does not really inspire me to go out of the hotel.

I go through my agenda and realize how busy the last 3 months have been. My husband Dominic, who runs his own executive search firm, and both enjoy work, but recently we started to feel the strain.

Time to replenish our batteries! We need to find time for each other again. We need to find that peaceful place away from it all. We need to find "Secret Harbour", where we can enjoy togetherness with no distraction.

Where is this place….?

I browse the Internet and start searching for romantic places - nothing catches my eye. Why not trying the obvious - www.secretharbour.com ?


This is exactly what I was looking for, an intimate and charming resort. It is situated on the Caribbean island of Grenada, known as the spice island and home to stunning vistas, palm fringed beaches, rainforests and ever smiling people. Oh yes, my company flies there too.

Now, how do I get Dominic excited about this dream? On the resort’s web page I discover the feature "Send this page to a friend". Let’s try this out with Dominic….

Already next morning I get his reply, reading:

"Hooked and booked. Love, Dom"

It's a dream come true. Two weeks later we arrive in Grenada and start to enjoy our "Days in Paradise". Please accept our invitation to join us for a day. If you follow the link below you will understand why we became "Secret Harbour" lovers.

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Dawn: Waking-up in the "Pool with a View"

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