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8 PM:

Candlelight Dinner

Before dinner, we enjoy a shower together in the Italian-tiled bathtub.

Even from here - the view over the bay is incredible.

Obviously our appetite is growing and we decide to savor the delicacies of the resort’s restaurant.


Up in the lounge we meet the other guests, all smiling and happy - it must be paradise for them too.

From the airy candlelit dining room, we enjoy the vistas over Mount Hartman Bay and watch the water reflecting the sparkle of the stars.

Today’s menu offers a creative and elegant selection, and we decide to follow the chef’s recommendation:

Caribbean Chevice with Peppercorn Dressing
Blackened Fillet of MAHI MAHI
Chilled White Chocolate Mouse on a Passion Fruit bed

Dominic and I enjoy the chef’s light cooking and we decide for the fresh catch of the day. My lover is gleaming about the prospect of his dessert .

After dinner we move to the lounge to have coffee and a chat with other guests coming from as far as Australia. There is no word of politics or economics in the lively conversations with our new friends. Wonderful people.

Dominic and I wish a good night and we stroll back to our suite. Each step a kiss….


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10 PM: Good Night........

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